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Ventana Eco Blend Surf Beanie

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This extra soft, unisex, one-size-fits-all beanie is made of double thick t-shirt material so it's warm but packs small and weighs little. It comes in two different colors and can be worn cuffed or as a slouchy beanie. There's a small, Ventana Treefish Logo toward the crown that can be worn facing front or back. 


We're very proud of these beanies. The cloth is made from mostly recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, and they are manufactured in the USA. The silk-screening is done in Santa Cruz, California, and 100% of the profits from the screening goes to fund the local youth outreach and education programs of Barrios Unidos.

Each beanie comes with a reclaimed wooden hang tag connected to a key ring and an upcycled, paracord leash cord offcut from the production of Ventana Khordz Mugs. Just like our surfboards, every detail matters. 

All in all there's a ton of goodness about this product, but while the shirt is manufactured and printed in the USA, the yarn is created overseas. We're also using a single pass of Plastisol ink, but are looking into using water-based inks in the future.


Wear this as your go-to beanie on surf trips or around town. Order one of each color so that you always have one on hand or on head!

Technical Details

  • Unisex, one-size-fits-all
  • Combed ring spun: 48% Recycled Plastic Bottles (rPET) polyester, 36% Organic Cotton, 12% Rayon and 4% Spandex for extra stretch. 
  • 6.8 ounces/square yard
  • Knit with spandex for durability, comfort and stretch
  • Dimensions: 11.50" x 9.25"
  • Clean finish bottom
  • Wooden hang tag with key ring and upcycled paracord leash cord
Beanie - Ventana Eco Blend Surf Beanie

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